A fire that creates atmosphere, whatever the season

A burning fire in a fireplace typically evokes a cold winter’s day. But even in months when it is still too warm to turn on the central heating, a fireplace allows you to warm up a particular room.

Traditionally, fireplaces have been viewed mainly as a source of heat, but today their use is more commonly to create a convivial atmosphere in an interior. Kalfire fires are often used primarily in this way. There is nothing more soothing than a softly crackling fire burning in the hearth, and nothing more relaxing than gazing into the flames. The presence of a Kalfire contemporary closed fire makes a space more convivial, even in the summer.

The size or style of a room is not an obstacle – Kalfire’s latest-generation fires are suitable for any type of interior. We design our models with perfection in mind and never compromise on quality or style.