Kalfire sets the standard

What to do if the products you import no longer meet the expectations of your customers? If you’re Kalfire, you decide to produce them yourself and then continue to constantly improve them. Since 1981, this is what Kalfire has done, becoming in the process a market leader in closed fires.

The business started by the van Melick family began by importing fires from Germany and Switzerland. Today, however, all Kalfire gas and wood fires are designed and produced by the company. The expert R&D team strives for continuous innovation, rapidly developing new ideas and bringing them to market after thorough testing. Many of Kalfire’s groundbreaking innovations have been imitated, but they have never been equalled. It is not by chance that the company holds a diverse range of patents for cutting-edge technology such as the Prestige burner and the Natural Spark Generator (NSG).

These innovations make the colour, glow and height of the flames of our gas fires virtually impossible to distinguish from those of a wood-burning fire. This achievement is due to the ceaseless work of our R&D team, whose driving ambition is to equal nature – or better it.