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burning inspirations – fireplaces in milton keynes

Heating the home has never been more simple. With Burning Inspirations you are open to a wide range when it comes to fireplaces. If you are interested in giving your home a more traditional look, or wanting to make a contemporary statement, then this is the perfect choice to make. The selection that is offered by Burning Inspirations is incredibly diverse so you are sure to find the ideal item that will sit so perfectly in your home.

Burning Inspirations

Unit 1 Furzend field Farm, Thornton Road
MK17  0EZ Nash / Milton Keynes

T: +44(0)1908507027


Montag open by appointment only
Dienstag open by appointment only
Mittwoch open by appointment only
Donnerstag open by appointment only
Freitag open by appointment only
Samstag 10am-4.30pm
Sonntag 10am-1pm

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