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Endless possibilities – The vision of architect Boudewijn Slings

Elektrische haard: Kalfire E-one 100F FR

Independent of flue and gas connections. The E-one stands for freedom and creates endless possibilities. In any room, in any interior.

“Flabbergasted” is how interior architect Boudewijn Slings described his first impression of the Kalfire E-one. He took his time, looked at the fireplace, absorbed the product and became enchanted. He had seen electric fireplaces before, but he wasn’t impressed by those. The difference: with the E-one, for the first time, an electric fire is made in which a realistic fire is pursued, so that it looks as if you’re looking at real fire. Boudewijn: “The E-one is unique because it is a really beautiful thing, it looks exactly like the fire of a gas fire. The special techniques that create the flame image create an ultra-realistic look that can hardly be distinguished from real fire. With the E-one, Kalfire wanted to create fire that is very close to real fire, so you can experience the same atmosphere, warmth and connection as with the other fireplaces of Kalfire. That was quite a challenge, but according to Boudewijn it succeeded very well. “The product is alive, it’s dynamic, the flames move and you want to keep looking at it”.

He expects the Kalfire E-one to appeal to many architects. Applying and integrating the fire will be a lot easier, which is especially interesting  for this target group. It’s practical, a ‘plug and enjoy’ idea: as soon as the plug is in you can enjoy the fire. You can build in the fireplace, but a surface-mounted fireplace is also one of the possibilities. In this way you can reach a whole new group of people, who like a fireplace but – until now – could not place one.

In addition, you don’t have to work with fireproof material when installing a fire, because there is no fire involved. You also no longer have to take a chimney into account, because until recently this determined the location of the fireplace. Now you can integrate the fireplace anywhere in the room, a fact that gives (interior) architects a lot of freedom. They also prefer to make a design for a client that exactly matches their wishes. If a fireplace has to, or cannot, be integrated in a certain place, you have to make concessions. Where people first removed a fireplace from their wish list because it would be too complicated or they could not design it to their wishes, they can now go for that fireplace anyway. People find that interesting, because they have a certain image in their head beforehand of what the room should look like for them, and they want to hold on to that. Boudewijn expects that there will certainly be people who, with the new E-one, will still go for a gas or wood fire.

According to the interior designer, colleagues within his field will also be happy with this new product. They are often asked by end consumers whether there are alternatives to a gas or wood fire, for example because no flue can be installed in their house or apartment. The E-one is an excellent alternative, because you can place the fireplace anywhere, not needing a flue or other (gas) connection. Just plug it in and you’re done! The E-one also offers many possibilities for owners of hotels, restaurants or holiday resorts. The electric fire does not give off any direct heat, therefore the fire is safe and accessible for small children and animals. The E-one also has a hotel switch, which allows the fireplace to be connected to a central switching system that is often used in hotels.

Boudewijn sees all these advantages of the E-one as a clear added value for the market. “The fireplace shows a nice looking fire that can give heat without gas or other fuels. It gives the same warm and intimate atmosphere as a wood or gas fire. That is also what people are looking for, an atmospheric addition to their interior”.

However, he expects that there will also be skeptics. When you hear the story, it sounds almost too good to be true. You really have to see it with your own eyes, because you trust your own eyes the most. “Compare it with a beautiful natural phenomenon. When I see a beautiful flower in my garden, I can describe it to you. The color, the shape, how it brightens up the garden, that’s where you form an image of the phenomenon. But you’ll never be able to experience exactly how beautiful that flower is, even if you take a picture of it, it’s ‘just’ a picture. You do not see how beautiful and real that flower looks, until you can admire it yourself in that garden”.

The same goes for the E-one: images and descriptions don’t do justice to the experience of the fireplace in real life. If you think about it, it makes sense. With this product you’re in between two worlds as it were. Peopl know what real fire is and even what electric fire is, but they often don’t want that because it’s not realistic and beautiful enough. The idea that it almost looks like a gas fire is so strange for people, that you really have to see it to realize how it is meant to be. The product praises itself the best.

Finally, Boudewijn believes that ‘home’ is a safe place. That’s where you can retract from public life, that’s where you live, relax and enjoy yourself. That’s why it should feel like home and that starts with furnishing your residence. Fire contributes to the atmosphere, to enjoying your surroundings. You can stare into it and dream away. Moreover, it is a beautiful eye-catcher in your interior. Fire has always been the center of a home, formerly as an essential heating source and nowadays as a central point for coziness, warmth and atmosphere that provides connection. The E-one can now bring this feeling into every (living) room.

Endless possibilities – The vision of architect Boudewijn Slings Endless possibilities – The vision of architect Boudewijn Slings Endless possibilities – The vision of architect Boudewijn Slings Endless possibilities – The vision of architect Boudewijn Slings
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Elektrische haard: Kalfire E-one 100F FR

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