The Kalfire E-one has won an award for the second time, this time at the GIO Awards. The high-tech, sustainable design fireplace wins the recognition for Good Industrial Design and a Special Award for Originality 2020.

A Special Award is awarded for products that stand out on one of the six assessment criteria and therefore convey the ‘good industrial design’ message. Jury member Zuzanna Skalska: ‘This electric fireplace, with its virtual flames, comes closest to a real, comforting fire’.  It is the second award won with the Kalfire E-one, previously the Kalfire E-one has won a Silver Novum Design Award.


With the awards, Designlink emphasizes the exceptional importance of integral product development and stimulates the application of industrial design. An Acknowledgement Good Industrial Design is not a prize but a quality stamp for good craftsmanship. The winning designs are included in the 3D showroom of the Dutch Design Week.


For the development of the Kalfire E-one, the cooperation with other parties was sought. One of them was Spark Design & Innovation. Michel van Schie, project manager from Spark, about the cooperation with Kalfire: “Kalfire raised the bar again and again, encouraged by what we achieved. That’s how we pushed each other to great heights”. Kalfire is very proud of the new product and the recognition it has received in a short amount of time. A good collaboration was very important in this project and that collaboration was found with Spark Design & Innovation.


Behind the scenes, Kalfire has been working very hard on the very first innovative high-tech design fire in her product range. The Kalfire E-one is a design fire for every interior. With this unique electric fire, the possibilities are endless. It can be placed in any home, restaurant, office or any other building, in any place. There is no need for a flue, no fuel supply, no special fixed installation location and no maintenance.

In a world where we are more and more on our own, fire provides connection. Fire that is safe, accessible and durable. So that we can continue to enjoy fire and connection in the future. It is the ambition of Beijko van Melick, director of Kalfire Fireplaces, to create that connection. He noticed that people often get caught up in the hustle and bustle due to a stressful job, busy family life, maintaining social contacts, you name it. In these hectic times you need a place to rest, a moment to come to yourself and really relax. Where better to do this than in your own familiar surroundings? Now you can do the same in any environment, in any space.

You have to see it to believe it

Would you like to experience the ultra-realistic Kalfire E-one fireplace? This is possible at your local Kalfire E-one dealer or the Kalfire Experience Centre.

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