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Kalfire, now brings a completely new and unique product to the fireplace market; the technologically advanced electric fireplace of the future, the Kalfire E-one. This exclusive state-of-the-art fire will challenge your senses all at once with its unrivalled ultra-realistic flame experience, never before seen in an electric fire. The electric Kalfire E-one, not needing a chimney nor gas connection, nor having any building constraints, also gives you unlimited design possibilities. The fireplace can be installed in any room, any type of accommodation and location, to create the desired effect and ambience that is required, so that you will get the best possible impact of its exhilarating flames and cutting-edge design.

Elektrische haard: Kalfire E-one 100F FR


A fire only exists when you can see, hear and feel its presence. The E-one uses ground-breaking highly advanced technology to devise an ultra-realistic flame experience that will awaken all of one’s senses with its luminous ember bed, pulsating light from above, glowing logs and charcoal, rising sparks and dancing flames. The sound of crackling wood and the heat from the fire when you get close, completes the perfect experience. The unique and exclusive technology of Kalfire’s E-one will create the ultimate ambience in a room. The realistic looking ceramic logs in the fire add authenticity to the fire, and contribute to the E-one being a stunning focal-point in every home and interior, even when the “fire” is not turned on.


The E-one does not give off any direct heat from the fire, thus making it very safe for humans and animals, young and old alike. It is also very easy to operate, hence making it accessible for everybody; simply plug the fire into the socket and switch it on at the push of a button. E-Ready!


Kalfire’s Gas and Wood fires are amongst the most dynamically advanced fires on the market. However, it is not always feasible to install them in certain types of builds, for example a modern apartment or a house without a chimney or any gas connection. Also, modern properties are often very well insulated, and heated, and do not require any additional form of heating. The people living in these types of builds often still like having a fire as a focal point. The E-one can be installed and fitted without a flue, a gas connection or any restrictions. The fireplace can be installed anywhere, in whatever type of build, using the spectacular flame experience in whatever way you choose, to suit the look, style and ambience you hope to achieve. Above all, in a world where there is so much emphasis on sustainability and where 0 emissions is the goal, the Kalfire E-one conforms well to the philosophy, and makes a statement towards achieving this goal. CEO Beijko van Melick was determined that we introduced an innovative and exciting new product that would take the traditional electric fireplace market by storm.

The vision of Beijko van Melick, CEO Kalfire Fireplaces:
“Somewhere in this world, a technology should exist that is not used yet to create a fire; a technology that is used for other purposes, but one which we could adapt for our goal; connecting people with fire. This insight was the start for the development of our new fire; the E-one. It would be a fire that will ensure emotional warmth and connection in a sustainable way, at a point where people would want to gather. I now dare state that the E-one has lived up to this promise. We have reinvented the fire.”


The E-one, according to Interior architect Boudewijn Slings will bring solutions to problems encountered in the past where in some homes compromises and concessions have had to be made in the designing and creating of an interior with a fireplace. However, this will now change. Boudewijn Slings: “With the introduction of the E-one, you will now always be able to create the focal-point fireplace the customer desires anywhere. You are free to design in a more creative way, because the E-one gives you all the endless possibilities. This makes the design process much more fun and easier. Therefore you have much more flexibility in putting a fireplace in every home. There is no limit to what can be done. The E-one has so many features and design opportunities, and with its exquisitely alluring flames, this will be the fire you would want to integrate into the decor of a house or apartment.”

Elektrische haard: Kalfire E-one


Kalfire is a family-owned company with a mission to connect people with themselves, and with each other with a sustainable fire. CEO Beijko van Melick observed that a lot of people spent their days working hard at a stressful job, being busy with family life, maintaining their social network etc. At times, when it can all get a bit overwhelming, everyone needs a quiet place to escape to, a place to completely relax, away from the daily grind. And there is no better place than being at home, in your comfortable, familiar surroundings. The fundamental ideology at the root of every development and innovation of a Kalfire product is how can we inspire people and excite them with our fires. In a world where we are spending a lot more time by ourselves and in our digital world, a fireplace provides the focal point for connection. Never has the need for this been so important than now. More so with a fire that is safe, accessible and sustainable that will allow us to enjoy the fireplace and the connection it brings, now and in the future. The arrival of the E-one will enable this connection to be even better.


Kalfire E-one 100F inbouwhaard
Kalfire E-one 100F in bovenwoning
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About Kalfire

Kalfire is a Dutch designer and constructor of high-quality contemporary electric, gas and wood-burning fireplaces. The business was founded in 1981 by the van Melick family in Belfeld in the Dutch province of Limburg. Despite the growth of the business over the years, Kalfire has never lost its family ethos. This is reflected in its strong commitment to its customers, its distributors and its products, as well as in its long-term vision that fuels its continual innovation.

In 2010, Beijko van Melick took over the business from his parents. Under his direction, Kalfire has further developed its vision of the design, engineering, ease of use and performance of closed gas and wood fires, reinforcing its position as a leader in the field. Kalfire frequently sets the trends in the market with its groundbreaking innovations in both technology and style.

With its 40 years of experience, Kalfire combines the expertise and efficiency of a multinational with the honesty, accessibility and warmth of a family business.

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