The Kalfire E-one has several high-quality features and options to choose from. Read the details below.



The HD Flame Technology is a technology specially developed by Kalfire that uses innovative hardware and software to create ultra-realistic flames.

With HD Flame Technology, the flames come to life and you will enjoy an enchanting, realistic flame that is indistinguishable from the real thing.

As standard, the Kalfire E-one is equipped with Single HD Flame Technology. This option projects a single high definition flame image onto real ceramic logs of the Kalfire E-one.

As an option, the Kalfire E-one can be equipped with Dual HD Flame Technology. This option projects a dual high definition flame image in the Kalfire E-one. Flames are projected onto real ceramic logs as well as the rear of the logs.

The double projection creates a depth effect in the fire, allowing for even more realistic flames.

The Atmos Heating option provides a pleasant atmospheric warmth that contributes to an optimal fire experience.

The Atmos Heating element provides a fine constant flow of warm air at an angle of 45 degrees. It thus provides an optimal warming experience, which is unique for an electric design fire.

The heat output of Atmos Heating is 2Kw (2000 Watt).

Atmos Lighting projects special shadow effects on the logs and enhances the real experience of fire.

The intensity is adjustable from position 1 to 5. Setting 6 is the shuffle mode. In shuffle mode, Atmos Lighting creates alternating  shadow effects.

The Hybrid LED E function simulates the natural ember bed of a real wood fire. The innovative LED system provides full deep colour tones ranging from yellow to deep red.

The intensity of the Hybrid LED E function is adjustable in 5 positions. In mode 6, the shuffle mode, Hybrid LED E continuously changes its intensity.

The Fire Intensity function allows you to adjust the brightness of the Kalfire E-one flames to suit the ambient light of the room.

Is there plenty of light in the room? Set the flames to high intensity for a beautiful and bright flame image. Is the Kalfire E-one situated a dim setting? Set the flames to low intensity for a calm and soft flame image.

The flame height is adjustable from position 1 to 5. Setting 6 is the shuffle mode.

The Flame Tones function gives you a choice of three different flame colours. A beautiful yellow flame resembling a gas fire, a neutral orange colour or the authentic deep orange colour of a wood fire.

The flame height can be adjusted as desired from position 1 to 5. Position 6 is the shuffle position. In the shuffle stand, dynamic flames are created in the electric design fire at the push of a button.

Kalfire Sound lets you choose the realistic sound of full crackling pine wood or calmer beech wood. The volume is adjustable from position 1 to 5.

With the Anti-Reflect Function, the interior of the design fireplace can be attractively illuminated. In this way, there is a beautiful view of the logs; even when the fire is not burning.

For an extra sleek appearance, choose a flat base. This blends in seamlessly with a minimalist interior.

Choose for Kalfire’s design base: a base with a horizontal grid which really brings the fire to life.

E-one Remote

With the E-one Remote you can easily and quickly operate the various functionalities of the Kalfire E-one. This allows you to adjust the fire entirely to your own liking.

Gi remote
  • Power on/off - Anti-Reflect Function
  • Dynamische Atmos Lighting on/off
  • Atmos Lighting more intense
  • Atmos Lighting less intense
  • Fire Intensity
  • Flames higher/Flame Shuffle
  • Flames lower
  • Kalfire Sound louder
  • Kalfire Sound softer
  • Atmos Heating
  • Kalfire Sound
  • Adjustable Flame Tones
  • Hybride-LED E intensity on/off
  • Hybride-LED E intensity higher
  • Hybride-LED E intensity lower

Google Play & App Store

Click on a logo below to download the Kalfire application for your operating system.

Google Play App Store
Supports IFTT Supports WiFi Supports Bluetooth
Gi remote

You have to see it to believe it

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