Sustainability and efficiency

Sustainable and efficient

In a more sustainable world, the goal is to achieve zero emissions. Regulations in various countries regarding renewable energy and a greener climate have inspired Kalfire to pursue this goal and to create our most sustainable fireplace yet. And here it is, the Kalfire E-one: it has an ultra-realistic fire, but is fully electric and produces zero emissions during use.

Zero EmissionThe Kalfire E-one is 'E-ready'

No emissions also means that you don’t have to clean the fire and don’t have to carry out annual maintenance on flues, for example. The innovative Kalfire E-one fire doesn’t need a flue, chimney, or other flue gas outlet. In addition to the realistic, digital fire and the fact that it is fully electric, the Kalfire E-one has another major advantage: it doesn’t have a reservoir for liquids that needs to be regularly refilled or is connected to a supply line, as is the case with a bio-ethanol or electric vapour fireplace. We call this E-ready.

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Efficient by designThe Kalfire E-one sets the trend

The E-one consumes very little energy: at around 110 watts*, the fireplace is particularly efficient. This is good for your household and for the environment: it means can continue to enjoy beautiful fires both now and in the future. The Kalfire E-one is therefore a trendsetter in terms of innovation, sustainability, and efficiency.

And this sustainable approach extends right down to the smallest details. For example, the packaging for the E-one is sustainably produced, and we have implemented an efficient design and manufacturing process (which takes place entirely in the Netherlands), respecting both people and the environment.

*Excluding Atmos Heating element and based on Dual HD Flame Technology.

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Brochure Kalfire E-one

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Read all about our newest, high-tech design fireplace in the digital brochure and find inspiration for your interior.

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For every business

What ever your favourite place is, with the Kalfire E-one it will be the place where people come together. Our high-tech design fireplace can be placed anywhere.

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You have to see it to believe it

Would you like to experience the ultra-realistic Kalfire E-one fireplace? This is possible at your local Kalfire E-one dealer or the Kalfire Experience Centre.

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