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The story behind the Kalfire E-one

The E-one introduces a totally new type of product to the Kalfire range: a fireplace powered by electricity rather than wood or gas. This involved an unprecedented process of development and collaboration to create a new paradigm in fireplace design that has already won three awards since its launch in 2020.

Behind the conception of the E-one lies Kalfire’s ambition to resolve a challenging dilemma. While the appeal of a fireplace is the cosy, warm atmosphere created by the dance and crackle of the flames of a wood fire, today’s living environments require sustainable solutions that do not rely on wood or fuel and the installation constraints these impose. The answer is the Kalfire E-one, which uses pioneering technology to create an ultra-realistic virtual fire. Its patented innovations simulate the look and sound of a wood fire so authentically that there is nothing else like it on the market. The unequalled fire experience of the Kalfire E-one offers all the allure of a fireplace, coupled with environmental sustainability – a peerless match.

But this fireplace is not just advanced on the inside, it is innovative on the outside. Its minimalist design is timeless and suits every interior. One feature that differentiates it is the bottom plate, an unusual focus for a fireplace. Kalfire CEO Beijko van Melick explains this unique aspect: “When you look at existing fires, the design is determined by their shape, finish and the fireback. No fireplace manufacturer has put the focus on the bottom plate. This gave us the idea of designing it like a traditional fireplace, where the logs burn on a grate.”

To design the base plate, Kalfire sought the expertise of KesselsGranger DesignWorks: an international studio founded by designers Steven Kessels and James Granger. They were given the task of coming up with a design that expressed the identity of this new fire and aligned with the cornerstones of Kalfire: the experience of something exceptional, individuality and ease of use. The design had to be distinctive, yet elegantly understated.

KesselsGranger perfectly translated Kalfire’s specifications into a design that took the fire to a higher level. “First, they sent us a mood board that visualized the basic principles. When we finalized the ideas, they started designing, which resulted in the eye-catching design,” continues Beijko van Melick. The base plate has a distinctive grille motif with a modern yet ageless appearance that goes with a wide variety of interiors.

James Granger from KesselsGranger describes this achievement as “an example of successful collaboration between Kalfire and KesselsGranger, two companies from Limburg that share a passion for developing sustainable, innovative, quality products that meet the highest standards in function, aesthetics and user experience.”

During the design process, one of the concepts that made the cut was the inclusion of the Kalfire ‘K’ inlaid as a metal coin in the base plate. A mark of quality that is the unmistakable signature of Kalfire, innovative yet subtle. The coin also allows the flexibility to create special editions with exclusive finishes for personalized fires.

Denis Salamadin, Kalfire Marketing Manager, underlines the importance of this new design for the Kalfire brand. “For any brand or product, the key is to stand out and bring something extraordinary to the customer. Unique product design enhances the brand and enables us to set ourselves apart. The design base plate with the Kalfire ‘K’ coin designed by KesselsGranger DesignWorks is distinctive and marks the product as a Kalfire. The elegant and streamlined design aligns with the brand’s style and quality and reinforces the brand experience.”    

This contemporary base plate design makes its debut with the new Kalfire E-one: a ground-breaking fire that requires neither wood nor fuel and produces zero emissions. With its ultra-realistic virtual flames, this feat of artistic engineering offers an unparalleled experience in electric fire.

The story behind the Kalfire E-one The story behind the Kalfire E-one The story behind the Kalfire E-one The story behind the Kalfire E-one
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