Unparalleled fire experience

An unparalleled fire experience

Fire is only fire when you can see it, hear it, and feel it. The Kalfire E-one’s ultra-realistic flames – created using unique innovative technologies – deliver an unparalleled fire experience. The E-one stimulates all the senses. The flickering light, the glowing wood and coals, the floating fire sparks, and the dynamic, dancing flames. The sound of crackling wood. The warmth of the flames. The unique technology featured in the Kalfire E-one creates a realistic atmosphere in and around the fireplace.

We call this unique patented technology HD Flame Technology. Thanks to the Kalfire hardware and software used in the E-one, the flames truly come to life, so that you can enjoy enchanting, realistic dancing flames that are indistinguishable from the real thing. Here at Kalfire there’s a reason we say:

“You have to see it, to believe it.”

Kalfire E-one logs
Kalfire E-one Hybrid LED E
Elektrische haard: Kalfire E-one
1/3 Kalfire E-one ultra-realistic wood logs

Seeing, hearing and feeling come together

It’s not just our HD Flame Technology that makes this the most realistic electric fireplace in the world.

The E-one’s innovative Atmos Heating element adds the finishing touch to the fire experience. Atmos Heating is exclusively available for the built-in version of the Kalfire E-one, the Kalfire E-one 100F. The heating element has been specially developed by Kalfire to ensure that heat is distributed naturally and pleasantly throughout the room. It produces a pleasant and continuous flow of warm air at a 45 degree angle. This ensures an optimal heating experience, which is unique for an electric fireplace. The Kalfire E-one is a sustainable fire that provides warmth and creates connections, in a place where people want to come together.

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For every business

What ever your favourite place is, with the Kalfire E-one it will be the place where people come together. Our high-tech design fireplace can be placed anywhere.

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You have to see it to believe it

Would you like to experience the ultra-realistic Kalfire E-one fireplace? This is possible at your local Kalfire E-one dealer or the Kalfire Experience Centre.

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