Service and warranty: your enjoyment is our priority

All Kal-fire closed gas fireplaces and wood stoves are CE certified and produced in accordance with the highest quality standards.

We only select materials of the highest quality for the production of our fireplaces, and use the latest and best technologies available. We combine this with years of expertise and craftsmanship to ensure that you can fully enjoy our quality products for many years to come.

The finest fireplace also requires perfect installation. Our trained and knowledgeable Kal-fire dealers will take care of that. They provide expert advice and ensure that your Kal-fire fireplace is perfectly installed. Depending on the type of product that your purchase, you will receive a warranty of two to five years on a Kal-fire fireplace. If you have any problems with your fireplace or if it is faulty, your Kal-fire dealer is your first point of contact.

The dealer can consult with Kal-fire for the best possible solution. This gives you peace of mind and ensures that you receive the best service possible.