Ease of use

Ease of use is a key factor in taking pleasure in something. Our fires are designed to be intuitive to use and extremely easy to clean.

Kalfire has designed its wood fires with comfort and convenience in mind. The sunken hearth is deep enough to allow logs to be easily inserted and to prevent ash and cinders from falling out when you open the door to add more wood.

As the air-intake valve is built into the fire, there are no visible external controls surrounding the wood fire. And because the combustion control technology in Kalfire wood fires is so efficient, in most cases a damper is not even needed. 

When cleaning is required, Kalfire wood fires can be easily opened with a unique mechanism operated by a concealed handle. When you turn the handle 180° to the left, the panel tilts forward (front and double-sided tunnel models).

Kalfire closed wood fires operate independently of the air in the room. The closed system draws in fresh (often cold) air from the exterior and discharges the smoke through the flue.

Kalfire gas fires also have the option of including a receiver that works in tandem with a special Kalfire application that can be downloaded free from online Apple or Google (Android) app stores.

The iMatch remote control supplied as standard with every Kalfire closed gas fire allows you to control your gas fire with ease. At the touch of a button you can turn the fire on or off or adjust the flame height. 

To make cleaning your gas fire as simple as possible, our models feature the patented Easy Door System. Cleaning the glass of a fire has never been so easy. This unique system allows the glass panel to be removed in four simple steps.