Ingrid and Jan decided to rebuild their house. They need less space in their house since their children moved out. They want to stay in their house for a long time, even on their 'older days'.

Eighteen months ago, Thijs and his wife embarked on an exciting new adventure: a spectacular renovation of their new home, which was in desperate need of a makeover.

Two years ago, Anita's reconstituted family decided to move into a single household together. In 2018, Anita and Carlo started searching for a suitable house where Anita and Carlo and their five children could live and make new memories.

Two years ago, Eliane and her family embarked on an exciting adventure: they built their dream home, designing and furnishing their home entirely to their personal style and needs.

Jan and Carina* began a new chapter in their life in September 2019, shutting the door of their old apartment and moving into a new home. 

In September 2017, Ed and Marita decided to pursue their dream of building their own home, designed entirely to their personal tastes and specifications.

At the ISH trade show, Kalfire proves how its watchword – ‘Don’t compromise’ – is about more than its uncompromising production standards. It also rests on a conviction that the magic of fire is ultimately about profiting from the moment in the company of family and friends.

The international ICONIC AWARDS: Innovative Interior design competition, organised by the German Design Council, honours the best performers in all areas of interior design.

A Kalfire Fireplace fits in with modern architecture, and can be integrated in many ways letting it blend in with your desired style.

After a year working closely with our communication and design agency, we at Kalfire have developed a new positioning and corporate identity that have created the perfect look for our company. 

Alongside a new design and new technology, we are also remodelling our showroom in Belfeld. Once the work is complete, it will be a showroom that embodies our expertise and ensures that customers are given a warm reception. The clip shows the beginning of the conversion work to the brand-new showroom. 

Our environmental and energy awareness is not only reflected in our closed gas fireplaces and wood stoves.

As a trendsetter for closed gas fireplaces, we are fired up when it comes to innovation. We are proud to once again introduce an innovation to the market: the Natural Spark Generator (NSG).