Home is where the hearth is #4

Two years ago, Anita's reconstituted family decided to move into a single household together. In 2018, Anita and Carlo started searching for a suitable house where Anita and Carlo and their five children could live and make new memories.

This turned out to be quite a challenge for the family of seven! The search was not as Anita, Carlo, and the children expected, as they ended up embarking on a true adventure! Even before moving home, they had already made their first memorable memory together during the search.

home 1

From tree to dream house

In theory, Anita and Carlo bought a tree. However, the land where the tree stood had been the location of an empty ‘house’ for over fifteen years. The building, which didn't exactly live up to the description of a house, was included as part of the deal. In reality, the building was a ruin and needed serious work. This meant that a large part of it needed to be demolished and then rebuilt.

We could have opted to move into a prefab house, but we chose to go on a huge and amazing adventure together with our children’, says Anita. After living in a static caravan for close to two years, the family of seven completed their dream home. ‘Now that we've finished building the home, everyone really appreciates the space in the house and their personal space in it. Still, the best feeling is when everyone sits down to relax in our spacious sitting area in front of the fireplace and to appreciate it all together.’

home 2

Special and eye-catching design

During the construction works, the limited floor space available to them really brought this reconstituted family closer together. Now that everyone has their own space, and now that we have enough space general, the fireplace still brings us together. When they finished constructing the exterior of the house and allocated the rooms, Anita and Carlo began with the interior decoration of their home. Anita is an interior decorator and colour expert, so she knew exactly what needed to be done and what she wanted to see.

A chimney had already been partially built into the house, and we were keen to work on that. We already knew what we wanted regarding design and look, but fireplace specialist Haardenspeciaalzaak Emmen used our wishes to create the final design,’ explains Anita.

home 4

Thanks to her profession, Anita knows her way around interior design and gives her all to create eye-catching designs for her clients. Naturally, her own household project had to match – if not surpass – the designs she creates for her clients. This meant that the fireplace had to be beautiful, distinctive, and eye-catching. As a result of her work, Anita was well aware of the work of Haardenspeciaalzaak Emmen.

Haardenspeciaalzaak Emmen always creates beautiful, distinctive, and eye-catching designs, so it made perfect sense for us to make use of their services.’

home 3

The crowning jewel on the house

Anita and Carlo's house is characterized by sleek and stylishly modern design. Throughout the house, colours as well as furniture are perfectly balanced between hard and soft. As this style needed to be reflected in the design of the fireplace, the family chose the Kalfire GP70/75S: a low three-sided gas fireplace, installed in a wall finished with two types of concrete finishes. They quickly decided that they wanted a gas fireplace because of the convenience. Combining two different finishes on the end product creates the eye-catching effect that Anita values so highly.

home 5

The fireplace chimney was designed to have a 3D snake-print look and finished with a golden touch. The wall surrounding and behind the TV screen has a smooth black finish. ‘We are delighted with the final result. This really is the crowning jewel on the house and is a warm and cosy place for the family to spend time together,’ concludes Anita.

With special thanks to: Anita, her family, and Haardenspeciaalzaak Emmen.

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