Trendsetting craftsmanship

Since 1981, Kalfire has been developing and producing its gas fireplaces and wood stoves in-house. Given our leading position in the sector, our fireplaces are only available for purchase from dealers in our network that we have carefully built up over the years. Our dealers are trained at Kalfire, have a thorough knowledge of our high-quality products, and share our passion and craftsmanship.

Supported by your selected Kalfire dealer, you will always be able to enjoy an end product that represents your personal taste. That is the virtue of our professionals. Outside the Netherlands, Kalfire fireplaces are available for purchase in another 16 European countries. As only recognized Kalfire dealers are able to install our built-in fireplace safely and flawlessly, you can achieve maximum output from the fireplace and can rest assured that all warranty and safety regulations are respected.