Sit back and relax

Gas fireplaces are all about cosiness and ease of use – especially at Kalfire. For instance, our gas fireplaces can be easily operated from the comfort of your sofa via the iMatch remote control or the Kalfire app.

With a touch of a button, you can turn on the fireplace and adjust the height of the flames. You can choose from eight different settings, as well as the special ECO setting. The remote control comes as standard, but you can also control the fire using your smartphone or tablet. To do this, download the Kalfire app. This will allow you to control the fire via the receiver in the fireplace. Alongside ease of use, Kalfire ensures that its fireplaces are as low maintenance as possible. For instance, we have equipped our gas fireplaces with the patented Easy Door System. Cleaning the glass of your fireplace has never been so easy.