Enrich your interior

A built-in fire enhances both the cosiness and design aspect of your home. In addition to this, Kalfire offers you the option to truly customize your gas fireplace. The thoroughly analysed basis we provide gives you the foundation to turn your ideas into reality. Alternatively, you can also have an architect produce a design.

Thanks to the aesthetic and technical innovations that we have put on the market over the past years, you can enjoy a great deal of freedom in the design process. Kalfire supplies gas fireplaces in various formats and designs. In total, you can put together an impressive 2,000 different fireplace designs, and more options are constantly being added. Your choice of fireplace begins with selecting one of the five basic models: front fireplace, corner fireplace, three-sided fireplace, tunnel fireplace, or room divider. Together with your Kalfire dealer, you will be able to customize one of these basic models. Guided by your personal tastes and preferences, you can then explore the various options in terms of frames, back walls, types of burners, fireplace materials, and more. This step-by-step process ensures that you are able to put together the fireplace that's right for you.