Experience Kalfire's gas fireplaces

There is nothing cosier and more calming than a fire crackling in a beautiful fireplace. Kalfire's closed gas fireplaces offer a fire pattern that almost perfectly resembles a real open fire.

This is largely thanks to the burners we use. You can choose from a 3D burner and a prestige burner. We make the fire pattern even more realistic by adding real sparks that jump from the fire. To achieve this, we developed the Natural Spark Generator (NSG). Using special LED lighting, we are able to create a warm glow under the ceramic wood logs, adding the final touch to your fireplace. There also needs to be a maximum view of the fireplace, an aspect that we call 'Clear View'. That is why the structure and frames are kept sleek and minimalist, so that all the attention is on the cosy fire and you can enjoy your fireplace to the fullest.