Closed woodfires

Kalfire delivers a complete collection of closed woodfires in many sizes and designs. Our fireplaces are designed to create the ultimate wood fire experience and are built according to the latest state of the art. Regardless the standard model: we offer the possibilities and options to tailor your fireplace to your personal style and taste.

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Experience the woodfire for all seasons

A burning fire in a fireplace typically evokes a cold winter’s day. But even in months when it is still too warm to turn on the central heating, a fireplace allows you to warm up a particular room.

Enrich your interior

Our woodfires are always customized to your taste. Kalfire offers latest-generation closed wood fires in a range of different models and sizes. Your choice starts with the selection of one of the four main base models: front model, corner model, three-sided model or double-sided tunnel model.

Sit back and relax

Kalfire closed wood fires operate independently of the air in the room. The closed system draws in fresh (often cold) air from the exterior and discharges the smoke through the flue. If you open the door of the fire to circulate warm air in the room, this patented built-in valve system automatically compensates the air supply so that the air pressure is always in balance.

Sustainable design

Kalfire offers among the most environmentally sound wood fires in the world. Their airtightness and innovative technology ensure optimal combustion, which guarantees high efficiency and minimal emissions of carbon monoxide (CO) and fine particles. Its exceptional performance means a Kalfire wood fire requires less wood, reducing your environmental impact.

Trendsetting craftsmanship

What to do if the products you import no longer meet the expectations of your customers? If you’re Kalfire, you decide to produce them yourself and then continue to constantly improve them. Since 1981, this is what Kalfire has done, becoming in the process a market leader in closed fires.

A selection from our wood-burning fireplaces