luxury electric fireplace: Kalfire E-one

An unparalleled fire experience

Kalfire E-one lavastones

Kalfire's innovative fireplaces have been renowned for their beautiful flames and outstanding fire effect and experience for many years. The dancing flames, the crackling of the fire, and the pleasant warmth all combine to create a certain magnetism.

A fireplace brings people together, it creates connections –and the Kalfire E-one is no exception. We have successfully developed an electric fireplace with an ultra-realistic flame pattern that generates no emissions and uses no fossil fuels. The Kalfire E-one is a decorative fireplace that can be placed anywhere. But don’t just take our word for it, come and see it for yourself! Visit one of the recognized Kalfire dealers, our Experience Centre*, or the E-one website.

The Kalfire E-one features HD Flame Technology. This advanced technology creates a unique experience. It awakens your senses. You can see, hear, and feel the fire so you can enjoy an unparalleled fire experience with our luxury electric fireplace.



You can see the dancing flames, the realistic logs, and the bed of embers, which together create an unparalleled fire experience. You can easily adjust the flame colour, the intensity of the flames, and the ember bed as you wish using the E-one Remote.

Kalfire E-one


You can hear the crackling of the wood, so you can enjoy the best of both worlds: the experience of a real fire and the convenience of an electric fireplace. Use the E-one Remote to choose between the sound of crackling pine wood or quieter beech wood. You can also adjust the volume to suit your surroundings.



You can feel the pleasant warmth of the decorative fireplace. The special Atmos Heating technology spreads cosy and relaxing warmth throughout your living room, so you can enjoy an optimal fire experience. Atmos Heating is available for the Kalfire E-one 100F.