Sfeerhaard elektrisch: Kalfire E-one
Individualiteit en design

individuality and design

The Kalfire E-one is all about freedom. It’s a stand-alone fireplace – without flues or gas connections and without having to take environmental restrictions into account. Opening up a world of possibilities.

A fireplace without flue can be placed anywhere in the house, in apartments, restaurants, hotels, office buildings, and in public spaces. The minimalist design of the E-one creates a seamless transition between mantelpiece and fireplace. A wide range of materials can be used to create your preferred design. For the interior of the luxury electric fireplace, you can choose between Single HD Flame Technology or Dual HD Flame Technology, a flat bottom or a design bottom with modern, clean lines. You can also adjust the fire in the design fireplace to create your ultimate fire experience.

Kalfire E-one 100F – Built-in design

The Kalfire E-one is available in two models: a built-in model and a freestanding model. The E-one 100F is the built-in model in the E-one series. Thanks to its sleek lines and compact installation dimensions, this front model is particularly suitable for installation in custom-built interiors, for example, in a wall unit in a living room, restaurant, or hotel lobby. Thanks to the large glass surface of 100 x 37 cm, you can always enjoy an optimum view of the fire and the realistic ceramic logs – wherever you are in the room. The adjustable ambient lighting in the electric fireplace guarantees that the E-one will always be an eye-catcher in every interior, even when the fire is switched off. The built-in model of this electric fireplace can also be fitted with a heating element: Atmos Heating.

Kalfire E-one 100F FR – freestanding

The freestanding E-one model, the Kalfire E-one 100F FRhas a sleek, all-round steel housing and therefore fits effortlessly into any type of interior – from modern to classic, from rural to industrial. And because this decorative fireplace is also very easy to place and move around, you can continue to enjoy it even after you move house, renovate, or use it in another space. Just like the built-in model, for the interior you can choose between a flat bottom or a design bottom and Single HD Flame Technology or Dual HD Flame Technology.

Design bodemplaat Kalfire E-one

Design bottom plate

Kalfire E-one vlakke bodemplaat

Flat bottom plate

Design or flat bottom plate

Kalfire’s electric models E-one 100F and E-one 100F FR can both be fitted with a design bottom plate or a flat bottom plate. Choose the design that best suits your needs.