Diseño sostenible

Durante años, Kal-fire ha sido un pionero en términos de tecnologías sostenibles gracias a sus chimeneas de bajo consumo energético. El escenario ECO es un ejemplo de esta ambición para la sostenibilidad.

Alongside the eight standard gas settings, our fireplaces can operate on a ninth, energy-saving setting. When the ECO setting is activated, the electronic gas valve alternately lets in more and less gas to the fireplace, in turn producing a stunning, lifelike variation of high and low flames. While this is a delight to look at, it also results in a 40% reduction of the gas consumption with respect to the highest setting. Thanks to the ECO setting and the beautiful fire pattern produced at low settings, your gas fireplace can add to the cosiness of the room even at times when you do not require any extra warmth.

As part of regular maintenance checks, your Kal-fire dealer assesses whether your flue is functioning as it should. Checking that the flue is functioning as it should and that the burner is kept clean not only guarantees that your fireplace produces a beautiful fire pattern, but also ensures that emission values are in line with the applicable standards.