The experience of something exceptional is one of the main reasons to choose a fireplace. A natural fire is a proven source of relaxation. Kalfire gas fires are internationally reputed for their incredibly realistic play of flames.

All Kalfire closed wood fires are completely airtight, which makes the strength of the fire easy to adjust. This means you never need to consume more wood than is strictly necessary. To change the level of the fire, a sliding lever modifies the secondary air supplied to the fire to achieve the strength you desire.

The Clean Window system is designed to keep the glass panels in our fires clean and transparent. This technology sweeps the glass with a stream of air to prevent it from sooting up.

Kalfire closed wood fires stand out for their clean, streamlined design, free of a distracting metal frame around the glass. This offers a clear view of the fire from all angles. We call this unique feature Clear View. The optimal combustion of the fire keeps the glass clean, giving unobstructed visibility of the flames. If the glass becomes dirty over time, the Easy Door System allows the easy and safe removal of the glass panel for cleaning.

Kalfire’s patented innovations have taken gas fires to another level, making them a benchmark in the market. One of the latest innovations developed by Kalfire’s R&D team is the Natural Spark Generator (NSG). This technology is available as an option on all our gas fires that feature a Prestige burner. The Natural Spark Generator creates small sparks that escape from the flames and burn out slowly, resulting in an amazingly realistic simulation of a wood fire.

As an option in all Kalfire closed gas fires with a Prestige burner, a hybrid function can be added to include LED lighting in the fire bed. When this function is activated, the lighting intensity fluctuates continuously, perfectly imitating a bed of embers in a wood-burning fireplace. The lighting has three different programmes that can be configured as desired.

Our fires boast flames as high and full as an open wood-burning fire, but unlike an old-fashioned fireplace, you can choose its location in the room. The innovative, patented Prestige burner, featured in many Kalfire closed gas models, produces flames of unmatched realism.

Kalfire’s closed gas fire range includes models that come equipped either with an innovative 3D burner or with the patented Prestige burner. 

A burning fire in a fireplace typically evokes a cold winter’s day. But even in months when it is still too warm to turn on the central heating, a fireplace allows you to warm up a particular room.