The Prestige burner creates amazingly realistic flame play

Our fires boast flames as high and full as an open wood-burning fire, but unlike an old-fashioned fireplace, you can choose its location in the room. The innovative, patented Prestige burner, featured in many Kalfire closed gas models, produces flames of unmatched realism.

This burner is incorporated into the full length of the ceramic logs, which are themselves arranged on the hearth in a pyramid. This produces high, leaping flames that seem to come directly from the logs. For an even more realistic fire, the Prestige burner can be combined with the hybrid function (LED lighting in the hearth base) and/or the Natural Spark Generator. Whether you opt for a front model, a corner model, a three-sided model, a double-sided tunnel model or a room-dividing model, the frameless glass will ensure that you have an unimpeded view of the vivid, leaping flames.