Individuality means having the widest choice and the most design freedom possible. As a fire takes pride of place in your living area, it needs to fit your unique requirements and personal taste – you shouldn’t have to compromise.

Kalfire fires blend in perfectly in any interior and offer an optimal view of the flames. The hearth that extends from the fire, often in stone, extends all the way to the frameless glass panel.

The rear panel of the fire is a key element, as it impacts its appearance and conviviality, even when the fire is not in operation. For Kalfire gas or wood fires, you can choose between three types of rear panel.

All gas fires come as standard with a minimalist rear panel with a flat, solid-coloured surface. Alternatively, you can choose as an option a rear panel either of ceramic glass or patterned with wide vertical lines.

Kalfire offers latest-generation closed wood fires in a range of different models and sizes. 

A fireplace is an important feature of your living area. It is both an object of design and a generator of atmosphere – particularly if it is an open wood fire or realistically creates the illusion of one. Have you just bought a new home or perhaps are renovating your current home? Is an architect or interior designer helping you design or choose a fireplace or do you have your own ideas? Kalfire offers everything you need to create a completely customized fire.