The freedom to create your own fire

A fireplace is an important feature of your living area. It is both an object of design and a generator of atmosphere – particularly if it is an open wood fire or realistically creates the illusion of one. 

Have you just bought a new home or perhaps are renovating your current home? Is an architect or interior designer helping you design or choose a fireplace or do you have your own ideas? Kalfire offers everything you need to create a completely customized fire.A Kalfire model is a drawing board to which you can add your own ideas, with or without assistance from an architect. You can be assured that the foundation you are building on is the result of our constant search for perfection. In terms of appearance, our closed fires seek to create the ambience of an open wood fire as closely as possible, maximizing the amount of glass to give an optimal view of the fire. In terms of engineering, the state-of-the-art technology we have developed over the years gives you design freedom safe in the knowledge that whatever you choose is underpinned by Kalfire expertise.