ISH 2019: inspiration for innovation


At the ISH trade show, Kalfire proves how its watchword – ‘Don’t compromise’ – is about more than its uncompromising production standards. It also rests on a conviction that the magic of fire is ultimately about profiting from the moment in the company of family and friends.

Connecting in the real world

For Kalfire, a fireplace is not just a source of heat, but a global concept that meets more profoundly personal needs. Managing Director Beijko Van Melick defines this philosophy in this way:“The true luxury is spending quality time with your loved ones and giving them all your attention. A fireplace can bring people together and allow them to escape the stress of the day. Laughing together instead of ‘Like’-ing; sharing an experience instead of a post.”

ish foto


Digital detox through advanced design

In Kalfire’s conception, a fire is an opportunity to put aside your smartphone, tablet or laptop and to focus on what is really important in life. This ambition inspires the design of all Kalfire products, leading to innovations that are based on a rigorous analysis of trends; trends that show people are searching for more ways to connect in the offline world.

Not that Kalfire is anti-technology – far from it. Its appliances incorporate advanced technology that simplifies their use and maintenance and optimises their environmental performance. From an aesthetic perspective, each fireplace is designed to conceal this technology with a minimalist elegance that puts the fire itself at centre stage. The result is innovative products that meet the needs of today while anticipating the transformations of tomorrow, with the guiding principle the beauty of the fire.

Switch off and share time together

Kalfire’s philosophy goes well beyond uncompromising fireplace design. It views fire as an invitation to switch off, literally as well as figuratively: ‘Stop what you’re doing and enjoy who you’re with.’ Beijko Van Melick adds with a smile, “In the old days, cowboys used to leave their revolvers at the door of the saloon when they met up with each other. Maybe Kalfire fireplaces will encourage people today to put down their smartphones, at least for an evening.”