Giving freedom to Individuality


A Kalfire Fireplace fits in with modern architecture, and can be integrated in many ways letting it blend in with your desired style.

For larger area’s a Kalfire fireplace can perfectly serve as a room divider by choosing a room divider or tunnel shaped fireplace. This way you can enjoy the fire from all sides through a frameless and an antiglare glass design. Almost all Kalfire Fireplaces can be integrated in a custom setup like a bookshelf space, television furniture, wall integration and other architectural constructions without the risk of overheating. 

Wendy van Melick, export manager at Kalfire Fireplaces, tells about the perfect fireplace design:“The aesthetical innovations and the patented Kalfire technologies give the customer a tremendous amount of architectural freedom. We don’t offer readymade solutions, but instead encourage creativity when it comes to designing the perfect fireplace and interior. We deliver the fireplace as a base for a design translated from the wishes and requirements of a customer, often in cooperation with architects or interior stylists. The geniality of a Kalfire fireplace lies in the modular design, ensuring a seamless integration without interrupting the overall style of the interior. This enables the possibility of minimalistic and pure appearance.

gp85 50r met model in bank

To offer true customization, the interior of the fireplace itself can be modified by adding custom back walls giving your fireplace a totally different look. The back walls come in different patterns, shapes and sizes and can even be extended beyond the fireplace complementing the overall design ‘Furthermore our gas fireplaces offer innovative ways to handle radiant heat efficiently by partially channeling the heat through the convection system back into your Livingroom. The temperature of the material around the fireplace is significantly reduced. This enables designers to apply a wider range of materials surrounding the fireplace like wood, natural stone, metal or even ceramic glass.  

Kalfire GP110 75C showroom    

In October 2016 Kalfire Fireplaces managed to yet again set the benchmark when it comes to gas fireplaces by inventing the ‘Natural Spark Generator’. The patented Natural Spark Generator contributes to a realistic fire like you would expect from a real wood fire by generating random sparks emerging from beneath the fire and slowly fading away afterwards. Kalfire Fireplaces always strives to bring you the most realistic and beautiful gas fire imaginable.  To read more about our fireplaces, please visit