Our new corporate identity embodies our core values, our ambition, and our promise to customers

After a year working closely with our communication and design agency, we at Kalfire have developed a new positioning and corporate identity that have created the perfect look for our company. 

In many ways, developing the new corporate identity was similar to the process our customers go through when choosing a fireplace. We ask customers about their interior style, we ask about how the fireplace will be used, and we analyse the technical options. Only then can we give our customers a result they are happy with. We went through much the same process with DimCoppen in designing our corporate identity, establishing the essence of Kalfire by asking three questions: What is the core meaning of our message? What do we want to offer our clients? And how do we communicate that effectively? 

Kalfire is an innovative company. Each year, we launch new products that are emulated by our competitors. Without going to extremes, we can say that Kalfire is a trendsetter in the fireplace industry. As such, we want to be the best. We don't make any concessions, so our customers don't have to settle for anything short of perfection. That is the core of our new slogan: Don’t compromise. The clip below gives a good picture of this. 


Our logo and catchphrase have been stripped back to the essentials, and now feature the sleek brand name ‘Kalfire’ with a subtle yet punchy ‘K’. Just like our fireplace designs, the logo is a paragon of effectively applied minimalism, demonstrating that less really is more. The catchphrase ‘Fireplaces’ refers to our field of expertise – one in which we are an authority and innovator. 

kalfire logo

For many years now, our customers have known that we deliver top-quality fireplaces. Over the coming months, we will express that experience in more concrete terms. Our customers go on a journey to find their perfect fireplace. We provide them with constant support on this journey and have named a cornerstone for each phase. These form the basis of our services and mentality: 

kalfire cornerstones

    1. Experience of something exceptional is one of the main reasons to choose a fireplace.
    2. Individuality means having the widest choice and the most design freedom possible.
    3. Ease of use is a key factor in taking pleasure in something. Our fires are designed to be intuitive to use and extremely easy to clean.
    4. Durability and sustainability go without saying. Our innovative technology ensures that our fireplaces are not only durable, but environmentally friendly and efficient.
    5. Expertise is guaranteed by our collaboration with our dealers and researchers.

Click here for detailed information on the cornerstones. 

From now on, we will be guided by our ‘Don't compromise’ promise and the five cornerstones. In light of this, we have also modified our showroom, website, and documentation. The designers from DimCoppen have come up with a sleek, functional design that reflects the wishes of a trendsetting company. The typography, photographic material, text, and user-friendliness enhance each other and produce a coherent whole. Don’t compromise. That’s what characterizes us and our fireplaces.

kalfire noblend