Home is where the hearth is #2

Jan and Carina* began a new chapter in their life in September 2019, shutting the door of their old apartment and moving into a new home. 

With the exception of a few changes, including to the kitchen and some finishing touches, no major renovation work was required. So the couple were able to get straight to work on creating their dream interior.

A must-have in the living room

Jan and Carina had already decided that their new home definitely had to have a gas fireplace. Before they moved, they already knew about the many benefits of a gas fireplace. ‘Our old apartment had a gas fireplace. Being so used to the warmth and lovely atmosphere a fireplace creates, we wanted to install one in our new home as well. We again chose a gas fireplace, for reasons of convenience. You also have to look very closely to see that it’s not a real wood fireplace,’ says Jan.

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Initially, the couple thought about installing a wall-mounted fireplace, but an unexpected discovery in their new home – it had a chimney, but it wasn't very easily accessible – forced them to reconsider this plan. The chimney's opening was sealed shut, and once the chimney was broken open, the opening was 70 centimetres away from the wall. Placing a fireplace against the wall would have been a complex job, so a plan B was needed. That's when the couple called on the expertise of Geerts, a fireplaces supplier.

Because we couldn't carry out our original plan, we turned to Geerts. We told them what we expected, and they used this information to produce a feasible plan. They advised us to abandon the idea of a wall-mounted fireplace and consider a room divider gas fireplace (GP85/50R) instead. And that's the one we eventually went for,’ explains Jan.

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Three elements had to be in harmony in order to achieve the desired result: the current situation and space, Jan and Carina's wishes, and their home's functional constraints. This resulted in three different options: a front fireplace, a 3-sided fireplace, or a room divider.

Stefanie Geerts explains: ‘When we receive a new project request, we first have a look at the customer's situation as thoroughly as possible by conducting an initial interview and various studies. Putting everything together and seeing it as a whole enables us to create a fantastic installation that suits the home. It's important to us that all parties are aware of all the steps. That's why we work with a detailed plan for all parties.’

A beauty to behold

Although Jan and Carina initially preferred a wall-mounted fireplace, they admit that the current result is so much better than they originally hoped for. ‘I have to be honest, I wasn't really that fond of a room divider. But this turned out to be the best, cheapest, and, above all, safest solution. Now I have to admit that the room divider was a very good decision – I definitely don't regret it! If I had the choice, I'd choose it again. I'd recommend it to everyone,’ says Jan.

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The GP85/50R room divider brings extra cosiness and warmth to every corner of the living room. Jan and Carina can now enjoy all the goodness of their fireplace from their living room, dining room, and kitchen – something that wouldn't have been possible with a front fireplace or a 3-sided, wall-mounted fireplace.

Detailed finishing

The room divider also fits in well with the contemporary yet homely style that Jan and Carina prefer. Based on various additional studies, such as a lighting study and a study of materials, the room divider was tailored to the couple's personal taste and to the various spaces in their home. The materials and lighting chosen mean the fireplace doesn't break up the different rooms.

Thanks to the materials study, we were able to select the right material so that the room divider gas fire fits in perfectly with the rest of the home and the current style of the rooms. The light study also took the project to the next level: we added lighting in just the right places in order to enhance the couple's experience of their fireplace,’ says Stefanie.

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With special thanks to: Jan & Carina* and fireplace supplier Geerts

*For privacy reasons, these are not their real names.