Home is where the hearth is #1

In September 2017, Ed and Marita decided to pursue their dream of building their own home, designed entirely to their personal tastes and specifications.

After an intense eight-month building period, their home was finally finished. The next step: the interior. They say that preparation is half the battle, so the couple decided to draw out their plans to help them visualize the final result.

Ed says, 'Our challenge was to create an interior design that reflected our personal style. The goal was to achieve the best possible result, without the help of an interior decorator or designer.'

Kalfire - Home is where the haard is

Gas or wood-burning fireplace?

A fireplace was an absolute must in their new home and the couple discussed the possibilities before construction on the house began. They preferred a wood-burning fireplace, but ultimately opted for the ease of a gas fireplace, as they require less maintenance and no wood storage means no extra work. Ed explains, 'You can fire it up at the touch of a button, which was one of the main reasons we chose a gas fireplace over a wood-burning fireplace.'

They thought carefully about the design of their Kalfire G125/37C fireplace and found plenty of inspiration online to design their own mantelpiece. Soon they had the design on paper. With the help of Openhaardencentrum Deurne, they fine-tuned their plans and chose a fireplace for their newly designed mantelpiece.

Ed says, 'We weren't sure if we wanted the fireplace in the middle, to the left, or to the right. Openhaardencentrum Deurne advised us on the best model to fit the space we had in mind. We eventually settled on a corner fireplace, which was our original preference.'

Kalfire - Home is where the haard is

Cosy fireside moments

Ed and Marita use their G125/37C gas fireplace to create a cosy atmosphere and as an extra source of heat. 'It gives off a pleasant heat and we use it to make the house feel even cosier when we have company. We mainly use it on cold days, usually in the evening and sometimes during the day as well.' The logs in the Kalfire G125/37C gas fireplace create an authentic look that resembles a real wood-burning fireplace.

The couple picked out the furniture in their living room on their own. The brown tones come back in the armchair, the sofa, and the coffee tables, as well as in the wood in the hearth. The dogs, Bubbles and Kwibus, have their own cosy spot in the living room where they can enjoy the warmth and cosiness of the gas fireplace, which adds ambiance to the room.

Kalfire - Home is where the haard is

With special thanks to: Ed and Marita and Openhaardencentrum Deurne