Home is where the hearth is #3

Two years ago, Eliane and her family embarked on an exciting adventure: they built their dream home, designing and furnishing their home entirely to their personal style and needs.

The result is a sleek, modern space with an industrial touch. They left the city behind to build their dream home in the country.

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During the design phase, they planned everything down to the last detail. 'Before we started, we discussed what we wanted and what was important to us, and then used that to create the design for our house,' explains Eliane. 'The most important thing was to design bright, spacious rooms where we could spend time with the whole family.'

Large, cosy, and warm

Each room was designed and planned from the very beginning. A fireplace was an absolute must in the living room. Growing up, Eliane had a fireplace and loved the cosy atmosphere it created. She wanted the same in her new family home. 'A fireplace just adds cosiness and creates a warm and pleasant atmosphere for the family.'

A fireplace was therefore a given, but when it came to the design, Eliane and her family enlisted the help of fireplace expert and dealer De Heide Smid. 'Our house consists of spacious rooms and needed a fireplace that was large enough to match. So we contacted De Heide Smid for advice,' explains Eliane 'We knew where we wanted the fireplace to go, but the dealer helped us determine our options and find the most suitable fireplace.'

Personal preferences and functional possibilities were defined and aligned to find a fireplace that fit the space perfectly and met the needs and wishes of the residents. 'For every project, we make sure to take the design and style of the house into account,' explains Eddy Rensins, director of De Heide Smid. 'We then look at the client's wishes and start the design process. A new-build home gives you more design freedom, especially when it comes to the sketch itself, but we always visit the project site to take measurements and check the dimensions. This allows us to guarantee the best and the safest installation.'

Sleek, clean design

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When it comes to fireplaces, the options seem endless these days. You can choose a traditional fireplace installed against a wall, a fireplace in the centre of a room, a corner fireplace, a gas fireplace or a wood-burning fireplace. With so many options, there's plenty of room to personalize your fireplace and create a design that fits the room perfectly. 'Before we contacted De Heide Smid, I'd found a lot of inspiration on Pinterest. We had a pretty good idea of what we liked and were able to define our general style. We wanted it to be sleek, clean, and easy to maintain,' says Eliane.

Eliane and her family visited De Heide Smid to see the floor models in the showroom and to flesh out the design for their dream fireplace. 'We can show customers a lot in our showroom, which inspires them and gives them an idea of our expertise. We first discuss their needs and then create a plan to see whether our design matches those needs and wishes,' explains Eddy. 'Customers these days often have great ideas of their own; we just try to offer a little something extra in our design that surprises and delights them,' he adds.

Quality time in front of the fireplace

Eliane and her family opted for the Kalfire W66/48S, a sleek wood-burning fireplace installed against the wall. Thanks to the glass walls, they can enjoy the fire from several different angles. A fireplace creates a warm, cosy atmosphere and also has a certain magnetism. 'Our children are more likely to leave their bedrooms now to join us on the sofa. The fireplace creates a lovely, warm atmosphere in our living room. We have a lot of glass in the living room and the fireplace adds a cosy warmth.'

Different materials were combined for the installation, such as a stone base and wood casing. This combination of materials ensures that the fireplace complements the rest of the house beautifully. The sleek, modern style with an industrial touch is mirrored in the rest of the room.

With special thanks to: Eliane and her family, and to fireplace dealer De Heide Smid.