Home is where the hearth is #5

Eighteen months ago, Thijs and his wife embarked on an exciting new adventure: a spectacular renovation of their new home, which was in desperate need of a makeover.

They modernized the 100-year-old home while preserving the charming, historic details. The result is a 1930s home with a modern look and feel.

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Thijs and his wife started with the structural work. They updated the insulation, installed new flooring, and replaced all of the window frames. Once the basis was laid, they turned their attention to the fun part: the interior.

‘My wife knows what she likes and what she doesn't like, so we had a pretty good idea of how we wanted our interior to look like,’ says Thijs.

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Non-negotiable: a fireplace

The couple had no trouble finding the furniture and the decor they wanted. They had a clear vision of how they wanted their new home to look, and that vision included a fireplace. As soon as the structural work was finished, they went in search of their dream fireplace.

‘We knew we wanted a fireplace; we had one in our last home and we enjoyed the warmth and cosiness of sitting around a crackling fire. We wanted to experience that same feeling in our new home as well,’ explains Thijs.

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While Thijs and his wife were familiar with the benefits of a fireplace, they also knew that a wood-burning fireplace requires a constant supply of wood and a bit of effort to get the fire going before you can enjoy its warmth. The couple is leading a busy life, which is why they opted for the convenience of a gas fireplace in their new home.

‘We both work hard and want to be able to enjoy each other's company in front of a warm fire as soon as we get home. With a gas fireplace, we can. Our fireplace is integrated into our home automation system, which makes it even easier to operate. It’s the perfect combination of cosiness and luxury!’

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One fireplace for an open-plan room

The couple purchased their fireplace – a GP115-55S – from Boudrie Kachels & Haarden, who also installed it for them. Thijs and his wife wanted to be able to enjoy their new fireplace from all corners of their open-plan living room, kitchen, and dining room. Inspired by a three-sided fireplace they saw in the Boudrie Kachels & Haarden showroom, they settled on a similar one for their home.

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‘Our last house was smaller and had a front model or front-facing fireplace,’ Thijs explains. ‘Our new home is bigger with a large open-plan kitchen, living room, and dining room. We wanted a bigger fireplace that we could enjoy from both the kitchen and the living room, which is why we chose a three-sided model that doubles as a room divider between the dining room and living room.’

On one side of the fireplace they installed a low, custom sideboard on which the television rests. The sideboard continues seamlessly under the fireplace, providing additional storage. The other side of the fireplace is flanked by a large bookcase, which helps to reinforce the subtle division of space in the room.

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The couple is pleased with the results and are proud to show off their new home to guests. ‘We couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out and with the choices we made. Every day we cosy up to a crackling fire, with flames that are incredibly real-looking. Our home has a warmth and cosiness to it that brings everyone together. We love having family and friends over; everyone tells us how impressed they are by our fireplace. It's great to hear! We have absolutely no regrets. In fact, we'd miss the fireplace terribly!’

With special thanks to: Thijs and his partner, and Boudrie Kachels & Haarden.

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