Live-blog: Connection in difficult times.

We are living in uncertain times as the coronavirus is spreading around the world. People are following the news continuously. When you have a look out your window, the world seems to stand still. ‘Social Distancing’ makes it impossible to visit each other. Unfortunately we cannot visit our family and our loved ones these days. Especially in difficult times as these we are facing now, people are looking for connection, warmth and comfort.

Kalfire's mission is to connect people with each other.  Especially in these times we want to continue to do so. Connecting people is nowadays more important than ever. That is why we started this liveblog with news about positive topics, about the warm and loving gestures that people express to each other. The little things, like a phone call or a bouquet of flowers, but also the bigger things like a huge applause for all healthcare employees and volunteers. We are happy to share those positive initiatives with you in our live blog.

Have you come across an initiative that you want to share with us? Please send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so we can add it to this live-blog. Together we will get through these difficult times!

99-year-old war veteran raises £ 12 million for health care

The British war veteran, Tom Moore, wanted to help fighting the corona crisis. The war veteran wanted to walk 100 laps in his own garden. The 99-year-old Moore achieved his goal! With his action he collected no less than 12 million British pounds. That is no less than 14 million euros! The money is donated to NHS workers who are having difficult times because of the corona virus.

Moore turns 100 years old at the end of April. For that reason he wanted to walk 100 rounds in his garden, for a good cause. He achieved his goal in phases of 10 rounds at a time. This British hero was supported by more than 600,000 people from all over the world. What a fantastic achievement and a great initiative from this war veteran!

Helping others with the groceriesboodschap

Many people have been helping others in the past few weeks. They temporarily do the groceries for people who are not able to do their own groceries during this period. For example, for the elderly and sick people who have to stay at home, but also for the NHS workers, who don’t have time to do their own groceries during this hectic period. With this initiative, people are trying to help and support each other where possible. This is how we get through this period together!

People are helping the elderly in their

Elderly are forced to stay at home during the corona crisis. In many cases this leads to loneliness because family and friends cannot come over for a visit. Fortunately there are still many local residents who are offering a helping hand during these difficult times. People are helping the elderly by doing their groceries and calling them to have a little conversation.

Scissor lift offers a solution for lonely elderly

Scissor lifts are used all over the Netherlands to visit friends and family. It can be difficult to visit each other and still keep a distance of 1,5 meters because for example for elderly people who are not mobile. Therefore, scissor lifts are used to appear in front of the windows of your loved ones to have a chat and to see each other for a moment.

Huge applause for all healthcare employees

How a small gesture like applauding suddenly became huge: on March 18, the Dutch showed their support for all employees in the healthcare sector by delivering a massive applause all over the country.  This gesture was meant to support the heroes in the healthcare for their hard work which is more necessary than ever. This gesture shows that the Dutch get closer to each other during these times of crisis.

Special Birthday party for 101-year-old Owen from America

The Birthday party of the 101-year-old Owen had to be cancelled due to the coronavirus, so he took a picture of himself holding a sign, asking for 101.000 birthday wishes. The post went viral and eventually a group of staff members of the senior living facility where Owen lives, helped him to celebrate his Birthday with a ‘Balcony Party’.

By Coronavirus quarantined Italians are singing from balconies

A little throw-back towards this beautiful moment in Italy: The Italians are in lockdown and have to stay inside, but they keep being positive! You can always sing together and make music together without leaving your house.

Special concert by the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra

The Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra played Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" together from their homes to provide support in these uncertain times. They organized this initiative in collaboration with health organization "Senior Service".

Shopping hour for the elderly

A lot of supermarkets in the Netherlands are opening one hour earlier during the corona crisis. This reduces the risk of getting the coronavirus because during this hour  only the elderly can shop  in the supermarkets.