Home is where the hearth is #8

When Debby and Koen bought their new home, they immediately knew they wanted a fireplace.

Debby preferred a gas fire, as she liked the design style and the ease of use. Her partner Koen was more interested in a wood-burning stove. When they moved in, they discovered that a wood-burning stove was not possible to install, so they began their search for the right gas fire for their new home.

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Advice from an expert

Initially, they wanted a fireplace in the corner of the living room: visibly present, but not in the middle of the space. They looked for attractive models that would suit their interior: Debby used Pinterest for inspiration, viewing a multitude of different interiors with fireplaces to get ideas and see the range of possibilities. The couple then decided to go to a showroom to experience the feel of real fireplaces. “Our architectural project manager advised us to go to the dealer Openhaardencentrum Deurne,” explains Debby. “We immediately knew we were in good hands: the representative was very knowledgeable about fireplaces and also makes furniture himself and helped us think about the various options. We didn’t have any concrete ideas yet, just what we thought might be nice. He enjoys designing, so he drew the room and added a fireplace with a sofa and other furniture, so we really got an idea of what our living room would look like.” Going to a dealer allows you not only to see and compare fireplaces in the showroom, its experts can also give advice on the optimal placement in the room, the most suitable model in terms of heating needs, and the best materials to use for the fireplace surround.

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When designing a new home, the fireplace is one of the first interior choices to be made, as a flue has to be built, so knowing where to place it is essential before construction starts. It can be difficult to visualize a space and conceptualize the ideal layout through architect’s plans, but through the dealer’s drawing, the interior came to life for Debby and Koen. Their enthusiasm grew as they admired the Kalfire gas fire in the showroom in the suggested configuration.

The fireplace as the focus

Although they had not originally imagined placing the fireplace in the centre of the room, the dealer suggested this would make it really stand out. “I was hesitant about this at first, but afterwards I felt it was a very good choice,” says Debby. “The fireplace catches your eye as soon as you enter the room, and it’s a lot more original than when a TV is the centrepiece. Right away, it creates a nice atmosphere in the living space”.

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Timeless design, for any interior

The dealer advised them to choose a Kalfire fireplace. The decisive factor for Debby and Koen was Kalfire’s contemporary design that would work with a variety of interiors. They knew they wanted a Scandinavian style, but the final materials and furniture had not yet been chosen. A Kalfire fireplace would leave their options open. They also chose it for practical reasons: “Besides the attractive, compact design, it radiates a nice warmth as soon as you turn on the fire,” explains Debby. “It has an app that makes it easy to set your ideal fire, making the fireplace even nicer to use. And especially in winter, when it is dark and you can see the flames well, it radiates amazing cosiness."

Debby is happy about their choice and says their Kalfire gas fire has added cosiness, eye-catching style and warmth to their interior. The only adjustment she would make is to choose a more striking colour for the column surrounding the fireplace so that it stands out even more. That is on their ‘to do’ list!

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