Home is where the hearth is #10

Welcome to blog 10 of Home Is Where the Hearth Is, introducing people who have chosen a Kalfire fireplace for their home and giving you the insider’s perspective on where, why and how they went about it.

Caroline and her husband Wim moved into a new flat in January 2021. In their previous house they had a wood-burning stove, which they loved, so they started exploring if they could integrate a fireplace in the flat. They found out that a wood or gas fireplace would not be possible to install in the flat, which left only an electric fire as an option.

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Unfamiliar with fireplace brands or designs and somewhat sceptical about whether an electric fire could provide what they were looking for, Caroline and Wim went to a dealer with no prior knowledge. “We already had a design, we knew what we wanted and what it should look like,” explains Caroline, but would there be a fireplace that fit the end result they had in mind?

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When they saw the Kalfire E-one 100F, the decision was quickly made. “A fireplace needs burning flames, and its design should add something to the room,” describes Caroline. The style of the fireplace was most important to the couple, but it was also essential that the flames looked as realistic as possible. Other electric fireplaces did not meet these criteria.

While originally they would have opted for a wood-burning fireplace if it had been possible,  Caroline and Wim were quick converts to the E-one. The fire is not only as authentic and cosy as a wood fire, but it starts at the touch of a button, with a blazing fire leaping to life instantaneously, with no effort required. This ease of use means they don’t miss their old fire at all.

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They were helped with the design and installation by the exclusive Kalfire dealer Flame Design. “We wanted the fireplace in the living room of our flat, and there was enough space for different installation possibilities,” continues Caroline. “The dealer helped us with the design plan, and thanks to their service everything went smoothly – we had no problems.” Soon they were enjoying their new fireplace.

Of course, pictures speak louder than words! Our photographer Ania Liesting captures the beauty and atmosphere of the homes and fireplaces featured in this blog. “When I first heard about the project ‘Home Is Where the Hearth Is’, I was immediately interested. Fire touches something primitive at our core: it is at the very basis of our existence, and I believe that it connects people. Kalfire offered me this new challenge for a portrait photographer: to photograph fireplaces and interiors rather than people. Yet it has been a natural progression: houses often tell something about their owners. The project has allowed new encounters and a glimpse into homes of all types, from modern flats to historic mansions. Each has a special character and has inspired new ideas. In the future? I’d like to extend the photos to include the people themselves.”

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Special thanks to: Caroline & Wim and Flame Design.