H2 ready

Kalfire: the first to be ready

with a hydrogen gas fire

As a state-of-the-art fireplace designer, we closely follow developments in the
field of sustainable energy. Hydrogen will play an increasingly prominent role
in the energy transition. In Europe, gas suppliers are already mixing hydrogen
with natural gas – a sign of things to come. Kalfire gas fires are fully prepared
for that future. They can burn a mixture of hydrogen and gas with no adjustments necessary. Our gas fires are future proof and H2-ready.
Sustainable fire
At Kalfire we have a clear mission: connecting people through sustainable fire.
This drives us to continuously invest in developing the potential to use new
types of energy. Our R&D department is intensively focused on this, and we
also participate in international research conducted by the top European
testing organizations, providing us with valuable new insights.Het levert ons waardevolle nieuwe inzichten op.
Innovation in your home
Our gas fires feature the very latest innovative technology. This puts our
products at the leading edge in quality, durability, safety and performance,
as well as in sustainability.

Kalfire gas fires are H2-ready for the future.